About Us

Creative Vibe Studio – A Dance Studio & Yoga Studio

Creative Vibe Studio is a unique recreational dance venue located in Downingtown, Chester County, Pa. Through various dance genres, we encourage students’ creativity and love of dance while developing their technique in a nurturing non-competitive atmosphere. We emphasize fun because all of us learn better when we are having fun!

At Creative Vibe Studio we strive to provide a family friendly environment. We have an open door policy, we encourage parents to observe their children’s dance progress as it is happening.

Toddler and Preschool classes are designed to expose students to different dance genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, etc…Children will develop cooperation, listening skills, gross motor skills, creativity and emotional expression in a nurturing and non-competitive atmosphere. All classes follow designed lesson plans that include a warm-up, stretches, dance concepts, creative expression and age appropriate dance techniques to prepare them to explore specific genres starting at age 6.

Level 1 and up classes offer dancers exposure to age-appropriate techniques in specific genres such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical, along with creative expression. Technique is not the sole driving force behind these classes. Students continue to develop creativity, individuality and a love of dance as well as self-esteem and confidence in a nurturing non-competitive atmosphere.

Why choose Creative Vibe Studio

We provide a relaxed and welcoming environment for our students to express their creativity and discover the joy of dancing

  • Our instructors are friendly, qualified, and experienced
  • We have a spacious dance area for students and a fun playroom/waiting room for siblings
  • We provide convenient and easy On-line registration and credit card payment
  • Our flexible Schedule is divided into 3 independent 12-week sessions
  • Our lessons are designed to be developmentally appropriate and engage a child’s imagination.
  • We organize an optional low-cost SHOWCASE in the spring
  • We offer workshops throughout the year and a flexible Summer Schedule
  • Class size is limited according to age

Make sure your child’s dance experience is fun – contact us today for a free class trial!