Common Questions

How is your dance year structured?

Our dance year is divided into 3 independent sessions. Each session is 12 weeks/classes. Dancers may enroll for one session, two sessions or for all 3 sessions. In addition we offer workshops and camps during the winter break and throughout the summer.

How may I register and pay for classes?

You may pay tuition by credit card using our convenient online payment system. Or you may pay by cash, check, or credit card at the studio. Once you are registered you may choose automatic bill pay.

How do I know if Creative Vibe Studio is a good fit for my child?

We understand that want to make sure that the activity offered is appropriate for their child. So we offer a free trial class to all new students.
Please sign up for the class/time that is convenient for you.

How long are your classes?

Our classes are 45 minutes long with the exception of some level 2 and 3 classes which are 60 minutes long.

I don’t see the class I want on the calendar is there a chance you might offer it in the future?

We do our best to provide a variety of classes at various days and times. However we would love to hear what our dancers want. So if you don’t see the class/time that you want please let us know. This will help us plan for future classes. If there are at least 5 students interested in the same class/time we will start a new class.

How should I dress my child for dance class?

Toddlers may wear comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks with treads on the bottom.

Preschool level dancers may wear comfortable clothes, leather ballet slippers , socks with treads on the bottom or bare feet.

Level 1 & 2 dancers may wear leotard and tights (Boys: T-shirt, shorts or sweat pants). Footwear appropriate for your specific class such as leather ballet slippers, clean sneakers, tap shoes, jazz shoes, bare feet, or socks with threads on the bottom is required.

For more information please refer to the class descriptions.

What if my child misses class due to illness?

Your child may make up the class within the same session and within the same level/age group class.

Can I watch my child’s class?

Yes, we allow parents to quietly observe their child’s class from the main studio or waiting room.

Can I bring my other children to class?

Yes, they can watch quietly with the parents or play in our waiting room/playroom.

Do you offer classes for groups or organizations such as MOMS clubs or Girl Scouts?

Absolutely, we will be happy to organize a class for your group or organization. We only require that there is a minimum of 10 students participating.
Please contact us to discuss your event.

Will there be a recital at the end of the season?

We have a showcase at the end of the season so that our dancers can show you what they have accomplished during the season.

Does my child have to participate in the showcase?

No, the showcase is recommended, but not mandatory.

Will I be required to buy a costume for my child?

Yes, for the showcase our dancers will be wearing a costume. However we will do our best to keep the cost low.

My child will not perform in the showcase. May we continue to take class? Should she/he switch to a different class?

Yes, you may continue classes! It is not necessary to switch classes. All students in a class will learn the showcase dance. Depending on the age range, we spend 5 – 10 minutes each class learning the steps. Later, we spend approximately 5 – 10 minutes each class practicing the dance. As you can see, there will be only slight changes to the way your child’s class runs now, and the showcase is not the emphasis!

What are the benefits of my child learning the showcase dance?

First, they will have great fun with the showcase theme. Learning choreography requires the use of memory, listening skills, coordination and problem solving, teaches children the value of practice and hard work, and creates together-time with you as they practice at home. Whether they choose to perform onstage with us or not, they will have a wonderful dance to share with family and friends at home, if they desire.

We may want to change class dates/times next session, can we still do the recital?

We ask that you stay in the same class from January through June, as classes do different songs/dances. If you know that you need to switch class times, please do so before showcase practice begins.

What fees are involved with the showcase?

There will be a $50 non-refundable deposit required to sign up for the showcase which will be applied towards the cost of the costumes. Families will be able to purchase tickets for the show.